Western Civilization Discussion/Quotastions

Implicit in the humanistic educational ideal was a radical transformation of the Christian idea of men and women.
 According to the medieval Augustinian view, men and women were not only incapable of attaining excellence
through their own efforts and talents, but it was wrong and sinful for them even to try.  Human beings were
subject to divine will. In contrast, the humanists made the achievement of excellence through individual striving
the end not only of education but of life itself.  Because individual were capable of this goal, it was their duty to
pursue it as an end of life.  The pursuit was not effortless...it took extraordinary energy and skill.

The Communist Manifesto  1848  Karl Marx and Frederick Engels

Know definition of Industrial Revolution
Classical Capitalism
Adam Smith
Iron Law of Wages

Bourgeoisie - owners of the means of production
Proletariat - non owners of the means of production

means of production = factories

Essentials of Marx

propertyless society
achieved through a Revolution
To attain the communist motto
From each according to his ability
To each according to his needs

socialism and communism have 1 major goal in common
a better  more eqitable distribution of wealth

socialists want to get there through a slow process, more evolutionary than revolutionary, through  ethical and
moral means and even working within the capitalist structure.

Communists want to get to a more equitable distribution of wealth through a revolution,no morality or  ethics
(the end justifies the means) and the total destruction of capitalism


dialectical historical materiamism
surplus value

It is not the consciousness of men that determines their existence, but on the contrary, their existence which
determines   their consciousness.