Test Bank for Hollywood's America

Test Bank for Hollywood's America

Please answer three of  the following.
Each paper must be a MINIMUM of three FULL pages.
Each page must be text only ...no titles, names or page
numbers within the one inch margin.
All papers must be typed justified.
All pages must have a one inch margin, 12 font, double
spaced with three outside sources incorporated into the
text and footnoted. I will not accept a paper which does
not meet these minimum requirements.

What made these movies appealing to the audiences who
lived during the great depression?

2.  How does the movie CASABLANCA inspire one to greater
heights of patriotism? Identify a movie produced within
the last ten years which also inspired one to greater heights
of patriotism or offered a greater appreciation for the
difficulties of war.

3.  The movie DR STRANGELOVE is a black comedy which uses humor
as a tool to deal with the serious issue of nuclear warfare.
Was the movie effective? Can you identify another black
comedy at the movies or on TV and comment on its effectiveness?

4. How effective was INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS in teaching basic concepts of the cold war?

5.  How effective was ON THE WATERFRONT in relating basic issues of labor unions and the policies of HUAC in the McCarthy

6.  The movie BONNIE AND CLYDE was one of the first movies
criticized for its excessive use of violence mixed in with
humor and sexual overtones. Why are people attracted to movies
violence, sex and humor? Please offer some movie or TV

7. Is THE GRADUATE a movie primarily for a white, male, college

8. Is the western like THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN a metaphor for the
American character (real or imagined)? Did the movie help prepare
America for our eventual participation in the Vietnam War?

Test Bank for Hollywood's America

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