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Historiography Article
Historiography - a
term used to identify
all historical
literature written
about a single topic.
includes all historical
literature written
over a span of time
beginning with the
actual designated
historical event in
question to the
present.  Each  
generation of time
from the historical
event to the present
produces and offers
 its own unique
interpretation of the
historical event  
suggesting that
history is not an
absolute science but
 a social science
concerned with
relative highly
interpretive facts.  
Each generation
produces its own
zeitgeist  which
refracts or distorts
the human condition.

Etymological roots
of historiography----
the writings of
The Founding Fathers
War of 1812
100 Most Influential people in the World
For Monday Sept 22
Click on link  American History  on right
then click on  13 Original Colonies
then click on Overview of American
Colonial History
(1 and 2)
For Monday October 28
Read link  The Federalist and Antifederalist Parties
Be prepared to talk on the pamphlet  Common Sense  written by
Thomas Paine
(Why was the pamphlet so important for the cause of the American

What reasons do historians give for the beginning date of the
American Revolution  1607, 1763  or 1776?

In class test in on November 1. Part One is multiple choice, Part Two
is indentifications and significance, and Part Three is an essay
question. Parts One and Two will be done in class. Part Three is to be
typed and handed in either on the day of the exam or on Monday
November 4 during class time.
Part Three   Please answer one of the following in an essay of two full
pages of text only, one inch margin, double spaced, 12 font. The use
of outside sources is encouraged to be cited and used in the text.

1. There were several causes of the American Revolution. Which one
cause would you emphasize and why? Be specific and explain you
point thoroughly.

2. Imagine that you are appearing before the United States Supreme
Court and had to argue for either the "necessary and proper clause"
of Article One Section 8 of the Constitution or the Tenth Amendment
to the Constitution. Which would you support and also why would
NOT support the other?
For Wednesday Oct 30
There has been some confusion, I was told, about this site.
First, class assignments are for the most part given during class time.
If you fail to listen or write them down for future reference, then you
may start considering to do so if you failed to do so in the past.
This site is a courtesy extended to my students.  Please do NOT abuse
Read the following links below for classes on Friday, Monday and
Wednesday  November 15 to 20
Slavery in America
African American Odyssey
This is an announcement concerning class on Monday November 4. This part
of the announcement deals with the 8 am class. I cut the class short NOT
because you did not read the assigned links because I apologized to the
class that the links I did assign unexpectedly changed content.  I did get up
set with the class because I was trying to explain the legal complexities of
Marbuty v Madison and the class was NOT interacting  with my lecture. I
asked six different times if you understood what I was saying with NO
Remember  you did indicate to me at the beginning of the semester that you
agreed that interaction between the class and instructor are necessary/
Now for the 1020 class.  I was extremely disappointed that you all refused to
go over the multiple choice section o your in class exam. This is an indication
to me that you did not wish to learn from your mistakes. This runs against
the spirit of education
For the link  Slavery in America   please be
sure to read the entire section  entitled  
MORE TO EXPLORE    from Frederick
Douglas to the Fifteenth Amendment
Essay Question for final Exam
Due on day of exam on Friday
Two pages minimum  full pages
i in margin, double spaced, 12 font

Was the Civil War inevitable?
The US was divided before the Civil War on issues of slavery,
western lsnds, banks, tariffs and internal improvements.
Did these issues divide America or was it really the issue of
sovereignty or power between the national and state governments
that cause the Civil War? Did the issues mentioned above mask
the real issue of political power?
Special Dailin Instructions
HIS 140
For clas on Monday Sept 8
Read Historiography article link
Read Historiography definition to the right

Try to apply ISIS and ISILcrisis as
explaied i class to the historiography
Be sure to know what ISIS and ISIL
stand for
Look at the article- 100 Most Influential
People in the World Whom would you
pick as the mst influential?
NOTICE- Clarification on Class
Policies. NO phone use whatsoever  
during class time. The only
electronic devices allowed are
TABLETS  7in or over
For class on Sept 15  Monday
Read link
Principles of the Founding Fathers " 1
to 20 and be able to discuss all  in
class in a substantial manner
Colonial History Readings for Monday Sept
Read Link below on Colonial America
Pay attention to
New England Colonies
Middle Colonies
Lower South Colonies
In the New England Section,
Virginia Company
French and Indian War
Dominion of New England

For the Middle and South Colonies pay
attention to instructions in class

Also Read the link on the homepage
entitled  PURITANISM
Colonial History
FIRST PAPER DUE  OCTOBER 10  No late papers accpted
In a three page essay you are to convince an atheist that the four convictions
of the Puritans in Massachusetts were essential for the colony to succeed as
a City Upon a Hill in 1620s.  You must have at least three full pages of text,
double spaced, one inch margin and two outside sources incorporated into the
Title page and reference pages are separate and not part of the three page
For week of Oct 6
Research the internet on the causes of the American Revolution
1. The failure of the Navigation Acts
2. The Sugar Act
3. The Stamp Act
4. The Intolerable Acts
5. The Tea Act of 1770
(What is the purpose of the current Tea Party in US Politics and what do
they stand  fo?. Why do current opponents of the present Tea Part find its
members as radical Americans?
6. Name One Founding Father you admire most and why.
7. Name one organization founded during the American Revolution that
supported separatioin from England. What was the purpose of the
8.Whart four issues did the pamplet  COMMON SENSE stand for?
For Monday  Oct 20
I will lecture on the Constitution