Special  Daily Instructions
HIS 402  New York State History
For Monday Jan 27 read the following
Read link New York State Map Quiz   to
the right

Read New York State Trivia and
Statistics on the New York State

For Wednesday Jan 29  do the following

Research Gov Andrew Cuomo's State of
the State address  20
Select at least any four issue he talked
about.and be prepared to talk about in
class.  Were they realistic or just political
Impotant Notice
There will be no class ths coming Wednesday and Friday (Jan 29 and
31) I have contracted pneumonia in both lungs which makes it
impossible for me even to show up at Medaille much less teach. I also
lost mt voice. I will  return to th classroom  Monday Feb 3
Again I regret this situation but my spinal surgery during Christmas
break lowered my bacterial resistance. Please contact Dr Rich Jacob if
you have any further questions
I am giving an assignment to this class
If you have any questions about the assignment, please email me with
NYS History in the subject line

1 Do the assignment on Gov Andrew Cuomo's State of the State
Address listed below
2. Read and understand the New York State Map link
3. One assignment later this semester will be to write a short 7 page
paper on any topic or issue in New YHork State hstory. Please be
imaginative and SPECIFIC  Get started  now