Special Daily Instructions  HIS 100
Fall  2014
Historiography - a term
used to identify all history
books written about a
single topic in history like
the "civil war".
Historiography includes
books written over a span
of time from the historical
event to the present.
Every generation produces
its own unique
interpretation of the
historical event suggesting
that history is NOT
absolute but relative to
each generation of
Americans. Each
generation possesses its
own zeitgeist which
refracts or distorts the
human condition.
Etymological roots of
the writings of history
For class on Monday September 8
First set of questions. Be prepared to comment on all but be prepared to
talk on one in more detail.Be specific!
1. Do great people make and influence history?
2. Do great ideas make or influence history?
3/ Do crises make or influence history?
4. Do economic factors make or influence history?
5. What impact does geography have on making or influencing history?
6. Is history written by the powerful or the victorious in world events?
7. How much of history is the result of the unpredictable?
NOTICE  Clarification to Class Policies
No phone usewhatsoever during class time
The only electronic devices allowed are

TABLETS  7 in or bigger
For class on September 8 Monday
Read Historiography link
Read historiography definition to the right
Read 100 Most Influential People in the World
and choose whom you would pick as the most influential
Read set of questions below
Know what ISIS ans ISIL stand for
For class on Friday October 3  Read The Reformation link
For class on Monday October 6  read The Scientific Revolution link

P A P E R   D U E   October 10
No late papers accepted
Select either a Renaissance writer or artist for the thought paper.
In your essay please give a biographical background of the artist or
literary person, the work of the person, a synopsis of the work and
MOST importantly how the artist and the work represent the spirit of
the Renaissance.
the paper is to be 3 text full pages, one inch margin, double spaced
For Monday  Oct 20

I will lecture on Machiavelli and Hobbes