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Hello--Why are you reading this, I am not there yet!!!

Ha Ha Dec 31- Will leave tomorrow at 7PM to go to Dulles Airport in DC. From there a 7 hour flight to
Frankfurt..arrive @ 11:30AM Friday. My departure to Amman is from Frankfurt @ 8:30PM and arrive in Amman (four
hour flight) @ 1:30AM Between my arrival and departure from Frankfurt, Germany I will be meeting a former German
Exchange studen, Maria Wichmann, for dinner. She is a graduate student in Berlin in architecture. Hope you had a
Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year.

Below is a memo from ACOR (American Center for Oriental Research) Amman, Jordan

003 10:19:29 +0200 To: From: "ACOR" Add to Address BookAdd to Address Book Subject: US
taxes CC:,,,,,,,,,,

Dear All, I thought I would send a brief email informing you what to expect upon your arrival at Queen Alia
International Airport. We are expecting the group to arrive in two groups very early the morning of Jan. 3. One group
will arrive on KLM at 12:55 am; the other will arrive on Lufthansa at 1:40 am. If you are NOT on one of these two
flights, please let us know immediately. Upon debarking the airplane, you should follow the signs to immigration;
however, only proceed directly to immigration if you already have a visa in your passport. If you do not, you will need
to purchase your visa, which I believe is 10 JD (about $14). There is a money changer next to the visa booth; check
the price of the visa first before changing money. I would suggest changing $20-$50 as the rate is not the greatest
so you don't want to change too much. The normal rate is 0.708 JD to $1.00. You will reimbursed by the ACOR office
on Sunday for the visa fee.

After obtaining your visa, proceed to immigration for processing. You then descend the stairs to retrieve your
baggage. If you have sigificant baggage, you may want to get a cart, which is 1 JD. Luggage handlers will want to
assist you, which you can easily refuse by saying "la shukran" or no thanks. You then proceed through customs;
most of the time they do not check baggage, but if they ask, tell them you have nothing to declare. If you have a
laptop or a video camera and they question it, tell them you are just a tourist and are taking it home with you-they
may write the object in your passport which means they will want to see it when you depart on Jan. 24.

Upon exiting, you will see either Pierre (the director) or myself holding a sign that says "ACOR". He will take one
group; I will take the other. Once we are gathered, we will wisk you off to ACOR (approx. 40 min. trip). No need to
worry about getting inside ACOR as we will be with you.

Best wishes for a wonderful New Year, and we look forward to seeing you very soon.

January 1 Happy New Year After this day I am at the mercy of ACOR's it might be a few days..

My address is American Center for Oriental Research PO Box 2470 Amman 11181, Jordan Phone: 962-6-534-6117
Fax: 962-6-534-4181

I am not soliciting mail...this address is primarily here to be used by my friends and family who may need to contact


My daughter bought me a phone card for 300 mintes and then told me I better talk to her for 300 minutes-I love
her-she is the greatest.

Monday January 5

Terrible flight into Amman from Frankfurt...I had a 9 hour wait in Frankfurt but I did manage to have lunch with a
graduate student from Berlin...Maria. She was a young lady whom I met as a German foreign exchange student in
America a few years ago.. so we talked in Frankfurt for about 6 hours

ACOR..the American Center for Oriental Research.. is a magnificent place just inside the city of Amman, Jordan.
Everyday we have seminars and guest speakers come and talk about Island and Middle East culture and history.

Next week we start the actual tour of the Middle East and I hope to go snorkeling in the Dead Sea. There are very
many ancient ruins in Jordan like Petra, My Nebo the Dead Sea scrolls area...

This is probably the most exciting time in my life...I hope I can come back and tell everyone about it.

Thanks for reading this...hope to see you all soon.

January9 For the last few days we have been at ACOR itself and having many seminars on the geography of Jordan,
architecture of Jordan, Islam and Middle Eastern Women..etc Two days ago we went to the ancient ruins (The
Citadel) in Amman, Jordan where I saw the actual Dead Sea scrolls. That was exciting becauuse next week we will go
to the site where they found the Dead Sea scrolls in 1947.

The weather turned bad a few days ago...60s when I first came and even tried to tan a in the 30s and
raining. Most people from the group went out to dine this I get to use the one computer all night. They
probably went then to some bar where they have women dressed in bikinis dancing and stuff like that.Hooo

I will have been here for one week already. The last week I think we get to do lunch with the brother of the King of
Jordan (Abdullah II) and the with the Crown Prince for Iraq. Hey.. I do this stuff everyday.

Even though this is all exciting stuff, I still miss Buffalo and look forward one day to returning home. This is the
longest I have been away from home since my Vietnam Days. Ten plus years ago I was in Berlin for 12 days.

The food here is fantastic. We make our own breakfast and then are served lunch and dinner. Dinner is usually left
overs from the BIG lunch. We get served American and Jordanian food.

Five time a day the mosques play a "Call to Prayer". The call to prayer can be heard throughout the city for miles. I
recorded the sounds and will play them in my classes sometime this spring.

Welll I will post an update sometime next week. We will not being staying aat ACOR but will be on the road. ACOR is
really a beautiful. We all have our own rooms. The place is quite modern and has tons of lounges stuffed with great
furniture and TVs.. We have global satellite system where we get stations from all over the world including al Jeziera.

You have to be careful walking around Amman because they have a lot of stray wild cats that can attack you if they
are not attacking the rats. Thats not too bad because in the deserts they have snakes and tarantulas.

Amman traffic is totally one follows any rules of the road...they all speed excessively and blast their
horns all day.

People smoke a lot here. Even in the airport in Frankfurt, Germany. I thought smoking was our or gone...guess not it
is alive and healthy (no pun intended) in Germany and in the Middle East.

There was a man who told his friend that he went to dinner last night and thought the food was extraordinarily good.
The men asked Peter.."What was the name of the restaurant?" Peter replied.."I don't remember...but the color red
stands a red flower." The men said "A Poppy?" No said Peter "How about a red carnation?' Peter said again
no Then he was asked "A rose?" Peter said "YES" Then turned around and shouted "Rose..come and over here and
tell these gentlemen where we ate last night"

This was a joke get it?

A couple went out to eat the other night at this fine steakhouse. The husband ordered a big fat juicy steak. The
waiter, appearing a little stunned, said to the husband' But what about the mad cow" The husband replid, "Oh my
wife will order her own meal."

Another joke

Just think when I get back, you will hear more of these. Boy I bet you can't just wait. These are genuine ACOR jokes

Oh we did go to the German Research Oriental Center today as well. There is a British and Russian Oriental
Research Centers as well. Bye Bye

Today is Sunday at 3:30 Pm Jan 18, 2004 I am 7 hours ahead of you all

We had a greuling task last week everyay we were at a different location and stayed at resort hotels--The
Movenpick-- They are a popular chain of Hotels in the Middle East, Europe and Northern Africa...Every night when
we returned we had a GREAT GREAT meal like prime rib, lobstaer and anything else you can AMSTEL
beer and JB Scotch. Sorry guys I am roughing it out here.

I have some great pics to show you all and some great computer programs of all that I did here in Jordan.

Some of the highlights were the Dead Sea, Madaba, Petra, Aqaba, theHordan Plains and the Jordan River, the
border of Israel, the Golan Heights in Syria border, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

I told my daughter that one evening weas a group went to a Middle Easternrs House where there were at least 20
people of Mid eastern descent. Most of the males (I saw no females...why didI even bother to come here) were
interested in meetingAmerican because they thought if they used us as a reference, they could obtain visa and
passports from the US State Department and then come to America. Yeah right, like the State Department really
cares what I think...

Well, before we left, we had to say formal goodbyes which means kissing on the cheeks.. yuck...where are the
WOMEN??? I ask!!!

It was fun going downtown Amman and going shopping..I bought for myself some Middle East headgear...wait until I
walk into Medaille with that on!! Don't hold your breath!!

I feel pretty good walking into shops and negotiating prices and knowing how to use Jordanian Dinars.I hum the
theme of Indiana Jones. I used to hum the theme of James Bond but it too never worked.

I am really excited about coming home. The excitement is nice but enough is enough already.

Tomorrow we learn about women in Islamic religion.

Oh, when we went to Mt Nebo (where Moses is buried) the cook there (We had lunch) found out I was Polish (so was
he) and did I get the royal treatment...I got double portions of everything, my own bottle of wine, vodka and beer and
the only onbe to get a FREE book on Mt Nebo. Boy did I get mocked out for that.

Then we dine with some Jordanian VIPs and have hopefully champagne.

I leave here Saturday AM @3 from the Princess Alia airport in Amman and fly to Frankfurt, Germany and then to
Chicago and Buffalo @ 4PM

Then the most important thing I am ordering a pizza, wings and a Corona beer(s) with an emphasis on the (s).

So whoever has the misfortune of having to read this..thank you I miss everyone and look forward to being with you

A little Arabic Salema (Peace) I hope I spelled it right. Well I know I spelled "it" right but what about "Salema"






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