The Ethics of War

The Ethics of War

How do you define terrorism? Was the US a terrorist nation during
Vietnam, Hiroshima, and Pearl Harbor?

What is a just war?

How do you define evil in the world?

How do you define loyalty? During war is loyalty situational or
absolute? The German Officers tried at Nuremberg were thought of as
guilty for believing in absolute loyalty to the German state and
Adolf Hitler. Was Lt. William Calley guilty of absolute loyalty to his
state or blind obedience to his commanding officer's orders when he
destroyed the entire village of My Lai in 1968 killing all people,
combatants as well as non-combatants?

Would it be moral or ethical to clone soldiers to be vicious
fighters in the heat of battle? If a clone is genetically coded to
kill, then who is responsible for the clone's actions?

Do you think Hollywood works in a clandestine fashion with government
to prepare a country to go to war? If so, is this justifiable?

How would you interpret an order in the military to take no
prisoners? Should you only target (kill) active combatants?
What about non-active combatants?

What should be the role of the media during war?

What should be the role of the church during war?  How should the
church try to prevent war? Actively?  Passively?

What do you think of the concept of the greater good for the
greater number of people during times of war? Should the President
be willing to sacrifice the lives of a city to save the lives of
the entire country?

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