Course Policies for the Current Semester:

Fall 2014


The Course Policies apply to the following courses:

HIS 100 Western Civilization
HIS 140 Early United States History
Gen 220  Justice and Democracy in America

Students who miss seven (7) or more classes during the day semester will be
awarded an "F" grade. An excused absence must meet the following requirements:
(a) a note from a doctor or other individual approved by the instructor detailing
specific reasons for the absence with specific dates; (b) prior approval by the
instructor for a specific college related activity that takes place during the class
period. Student is responsible for all missed class related readings, assignments and
projects. The instructor keeps the official tardiness record.

Specific Policies

1. Students are expected to be present and prepared for all classes. If for any
reason a student is tardy or absent from class, it is the responsibility of the student
to seek out all pertinent assignments for subsequent classes. Contact instructor
ONLY for emergency purposes. Latecomers will be assessed a 1/2 absence
provided the student informs instructor immediately after class. Otherwise  late
comers will be assessed a full absence.

2.  Each student matriculates in college and pays substantial  tuition. The college
experience affords students an opportunity to accumulate theoretical and experiential
knowledge.  Each student also expects a final grade for each course as an accurate
indicator of the student's academic success. Academic success and failure will  
eventually be reflected in your transcripts, resume and letters of recommendation
you will need in the future.

3.  Academic excellence is measured by this instructor by evidence of a student's
mastery of the subject matter, punctuality, class participation, eagerness to learn,
academic persistence, scholarly attitude and successful completion of assignments.

4.The instructor encourages and promotes class participation.Class participation
gives students an opportunity to interact with the instructor and other students.  
Class participation assumes that each student will do all the assigned readings and
reflect upon the ideas and concepts.  Class participation also assumes that we have
respect and tolerance for differing points of views.  Under no circumstances will
students be allowed to ridicule others.  This instructor will also not tolerate idle
random talk during class time.

5.  Absolutely NO texting or cell phone use during class time. A violation will be
assessed a REDUCTION of ONE grade OFF the FINAL grade. NO EXCEPTIONS.
Sleeping, placing a head on a desk, talking to others during class, writing letters,and  
emailing are unacceptable forms of behavior and WILL affect your final grade.