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Writing Rules for Papers
Writing Rules


1. Each paper must be a minimum number of full pages as required by the
particular course.
2. Each page must have a one inch margin on all sides.
3. Each page must have text names, dates or page numbers
4. Each page must be double spaced, 12 font and justified.
5. Each paper must have a minimum of three outside sources that must be
referenced, cited or incorporated
into the text of the paper.
6. Encyclopedias, almanacs, dictionaries and other general sources cannot be
used as the required minimum outside sources.
7. If you use the Internet, be very judicious of ".com" sites
and search for ".gov" , ".edu" , or ".org" sites.
Newspapers and magazines are allowed even though they are generally ".com".
8. Quotes should not be longer than three lines
9. Our textbook cannot be used as a reference for formal papers.
10. All papers are due in class on due date. I will not accept late papers. Do not
email paper or leave in the Information Office.