Themes in War and Peace in the Nuclear Age

Themes in War and Peace in the Nuclear Age

  Old: military invasion of one country by another for the
specific purpose of controlling the internal politics of the invaded
country and the building of a world empire.
  New:  the "invasion" of one country by another for the
specific purpose of influencing the internal politics of the
"invaded" country for the purpose of building a world empire.

Cold War:
  -An ideological conflict between those nations which believe
in democratic/capitalistic principles and those who adhere to
Marxist/Leninist/Stalinist principles.  A minimum of overt military
confrontation and a maximum variety of covert operations
characterize this relationship.

  -Having influence, control or domination over other nations.

Nuclear Age Themes:

1.        Military needs versus arms control
2.        Fear and suspicion during the cold war
3.        Power is measured by the ability to possesses a bomb
4.        Creation of new weapons often becomes the weapon of
5.        The only force that brings man to peace is the fear of death
6.        How do we know that nuclear weapons are a deterrent to war?
7.        Is it reasonable to expect that the US nuclear arsenal would
be used to protect NATO? Would the US be willing to risk New York to
protect Europe?
8.        How does one define national security?
9.        In order to protect oneself, you must risk annihilation
10.        Do you bomb civilians? What is an acceptable loss of life?
11.        Does the possession of nuclear weapons devalue life?
12.        Is nuclear war only an intellectual abstraction to most
13.        How have we consistently evaluated the enemy's strength?
Real or Imagined?
14.        Do we understand the destructive power of nuclear weapons?
15.        Would you use a nuclear bomb as you would any other
conventional bomb?
16.        Does brinkmanship foreign policy tactics have its place in
the nuclear world?
17.        Was NSC-68 myopic?
18.        Do you subscribe to Barry Goldwater's statement in 1968
that "Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice."
19.        Do you believe that one-day soldiers can be replace in large
number by the presence of tactical nuclear weapons?
20.        How can we insure that nuclear weapons are the final option
in case of war.