Special Daily Instructions for HIS 398
Definition of Terrorism 1
Definition of Terrorism 2
Buy Textbook

The History of Terrorism
from Antiquity to Al Qaeda
by GerardChaliand,
Arnaud Blin  et al

Book may be purchased  
at the Medaille College
Bookstore or Amazon.
You may purchase the
hard copy or a Kindle
If you do not have a
Kindle, you can
download a Kindle app
free of charge on your
tablet, laptop or computer
The two articles on
terrorism to the right
must be read by Monday
September 16
For Monday September 9
Short  quiz:
Who were the Sandinistas
Who opposed the Sandinistas
Name the Italian terrorist group mentioned in the video.
Do you agree with the link on the terrorism homepage entitled  
"The Concept of Preemptive War and Terrorism"
For Friday Sept 13
Research the four major points of the
President Bush doctrine and how it relates to
the Middle East.
Also who is the President of Syria  must give
full name and spell correctly
For Monday September 23  Read
Chapter Two in the text. Short Quiz
For Monday September 30  
Read Chapter Three in text
For Monday September 30- Please start reading chapter three in text
for Wednesdays class.
We will continue to watch the Saddam Hussein movie on Monday. Be
prepared to discuss the film intelligently for either Monday or
Wednesdays class.
For class  October 16
Read the link on Writing Rules for paper due on October 30
No late papers accepted. The MINIMUM page requirement: three pages.
Follow all writing rules on  Writing Rules link.
Test Question:

The Bush Doctrine on Terrorism!  List three reasons to support the
doctrine and three reason to reject the doctrine. Be specific.
The length of the paper beyond three pages depends on your ability to
adequately explain your positions.

For class on Wednesday  October 16
Chapter three and four of the text
Each student MUST orally present to the class what they found
interesting or significant from each chapter. Be specific what the issue
is and WHY is it interrsting or significant to the study of terrorism.
For Monday October 21
Go to link  Israel's Prime Ministers and read  the
biographical sketch on David Ben-Gurion
For Monday Oct 28
Google  Results of the Sux Day War  will discuss in class
Final Thought Paper for those not exempt from the final

We discussed several issues in class that prevented peace in the
Middle East. Name  at least three issues discussed in class and
show specifically how they led to increased tensions in the Middle
Three full page minimum,  one inch margin, double spaced and 12
font. You must bring in three outside sources and incorporate the
three sources into the body of the text.

Due no later than  noon on December 9  Monday
Place your papers by noon on Monday  
December 9 in the Information Office