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Special Daily Instructions  History of Buffalo
For Tuesday Sept 20 class

1. Read handout on ancient cities

2. Read link on my home page dealing
with the Pan American Exposition

3. Read High Hopes book Chps 1,2,3.
What is this?????
What is this???
Tuesday Spet 27
1. Review in class the world cities article
2. Review Chps 4,5,6,7 in High Hopes
3. Lecture: The Era of Good Feelings
Every student must be prepared to comment on the article
and chapters
Due November 1  during class  Typed answers please!!
Please answer two of the following:

1. Historians have attributed the rise of cities to  land,
labor, capital and entrepreneurship. How did the rise of
Buffalo during the 19th century respond to these causes?
Please be specific.

2. How did Buffalo reflect the zeitgeist of the era of good
feelings prevalent in the United States during the first
half of the 19th century? You may wish to address
politics, the economy, and social issues in Buffalo.

3. Did immigration to Buffalo in the 19th century have a
positive or negative impact on the history of Buffalo?
Tuesday Oct 4 Class

Read HIGHT HOPES  chps  6 and 7
CITY ON THE EDGE  chps 2 and 3
Topic:  Buffalo in the age of industrialization
October 11 Class
City on the Edge  Chps 4 and 5

The Twenties and the Depression
Tuesday  October 18
Discussion of Chapters 4 and 5
Video:  The Great Depression
October 25  Tuesday
The City on the Edge  Chapter 6
Video: The Homeoming
Tuesday  Nov 1
City on the Edge Chps 7
and 8
Tuesday November 8
City on the Lake
Chapter  9 and 10

The Buffalo Plan
Tuesday November 15
City on the Lake
Chapters 12 and 13
For Tuesday  Nov 29 Class
Read any two chapters you wish that we
did not cover in class from the City on the
Lake book to be able to discuss from each
what you learned from that chapter.
The final take home will be posted shortly.
Paper Due:  December 9, 2011  Friday  no later then 4PM in
the Informatiuon Office. May be handed in earlier.
We agreed on 4 full pages.

What do you consider to be the three most important issues
facing Buffalo in the last 200 years.