Special Daily Instructions for Presidential Elections Course
For Friday  September 7- Read Course Policies
For Monday September 10  Read Chapter 1 in the Polsby Book
For Friday September 14  read Chapter 1-5 in  Boller Book.
For Friday September  14  read Chapter 1 in  Sobel book
For Monday Sept 17
Read Chapter 2 of Polsby book to "Variations among Interest Groups.
Define "conservative"  and "liberal"
Are you a conservative or liberal.
Research the topic thoroughly ...."
For Monday Set 24  Read Polsby book Chapter three.  ALSO Chapters 6 to 10 in
Presidential Campaigns book  ALSO  bring in the news article that we were
suppose to do on Friday.
For Monday Oct 1 and week of

Read Polsby Book  Chapter 4
We will discuss the Chapter 3 of Polsby book and the chapters 11-15
in the Campaign book.
Also bring in the article from outside sources.
Due last class of semester.  Must be typewritten.


How do you you evaluate the presidential election
of 2012.   In your opening statement clearly spell
out what your thesis topic will be.