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New York State History Reports
Spring Semester 2013
New York State History

Project: two (2) six (6) page research projects.
Each paper will focus in on one "issue." You get your issues from
reading the chapters in the textbook, class discussions and
The first paper must focus on any topic before the year 1900.
The second paper must focus on an issue after the year 1900.

The first paper is due  the first class after the spring break
The second paper is due on the last day of class.

Each paper should have the following:
1. A title stating the issue
2. Statement on what was the issue in the textr, i e, its historical
3. Statement on how that issue is reflected today in New York
State. Sometimes this issue could be a national issue and a global
issue as well.

Part two and three should be equal length.  I like creativity. That
means you are encouraged to use multi disciplines in your
responses. You might think of literature, philosophy, political
science, science, education theory or sociology in your responses.
Outside sources are required. SEE WRITING RULES

Remember...use your imagination for the issue involved.
We will discuss issues in class as well.

Good Luck... and Happy Thinking!!!!!!