Napoleon's  Accomplishments
1.  Centralization of Local Governments

statutory law v common law
unitary government
 positive and negative

2. Furtherance of Public Education

purpose of education: liberal arts or technical
 University of France a government agency (freedom of speech
issue - academic freedom) Humboldt University
Courses at University of France geared to the glory of France,
Napoleon and thr French Revolution

3. Finances
 est National Bank
 gold standard

4.  Church and State
 Condordat  1801
  -Pope head of French Church
   -State pays salary of French clergy
   -Church give up all land claims attained during the French
   -Bishops to be nominated by the State but appointed by the

5.  Code Napoleon
  equal treatment before the law
   abolished serfdom
   religious tolerance
   trial by jury

6.  Established Legion of Honor

7. Public Works