Gone with the Wind Questions
1.  Why is Ashley so different from other men in
the beginning of the movie?
2.  Who are the Tarlton twins?
3. How does Mammy know from the beginning
that Scarlett is no lady?
4. What is Ashley's reaction when Scarlett
proposes to him?
5.   Why does Scarlett not stay with the other
girls before the barbecue?
6.  How does Melanie defend Scarlett when the
other girls call her "fast?"
7.  Why does Scarlett flirt with Charles Hamilton?
8.  Was Rhett Butler a "realist" or a "romantic"
when he talks about the south in the upcoming
Civil War?
9.  How does Scarlett come out of mourning?
10.  What are Scarlett and Melanie expected to
do at the bazaar?
11.  Do the color of Scarlett's dresses symbolize
\   Drapes????
12.  What is Scarlett searching for as she
secretly reads Ashley's letters?
13.  Why does Rhett bring Scarlett the colorful
bonnet from Paris?
14.  When do the Southerns suspect that they
are not winning the war?
15.  Why is Scarlett angry Melanie is giving
Ashley a coat?
16.  Why is Rhett unwelcome at social events?
17. When does Scarlett finally realize that Ashley
does not love her as she would have liked?
18.  Why wont Rhett allow Bonnie to be buried?
19.   Why does Rhett leave Scarlett if he still
loves her?  Does he love her. Did he ever love
20 Why does Scarlett say "Tomorrow is another
day?" Does she love Rhett? Did she ever love
Who is the Character in the movies capable of

Character analysis

What is "gone" with "gone with the wind?"