Dances with Wolves

Thoughts on Dances with Wolves.

1. Imagine what it was like to receive medical
treatment in 19c America.... foot about to be
amputated/ bacteria/ disease.

2. Could you be in the military then or now?

3. Where do you draw the line between bravery
and insanity? Lt Dunbar became a hero at the
beginning of the movie...what makes a hero?

4. Lt Dunbar wanted to see the frontier before
it was gone...what was the frontier and what
mythological impact did the frontier have on
US history?

5. What is the value of the landscape or
scenery in the movie? What does it signify?

7. What is the significance of the "buffalo"
in the movie?

8. When Lt Dunbar states the "This is my Post"..
what did he mean? Did the post symbolize freedom?
Adventure? A dream?

9. What did the gun represent?
Security?  Enforcement? Power?
Mans' dependence on technology?

10. Lt Dunbar experiences loneliness?
What is loneliness and is it good?

11. An Indian remarked about a fire built
by Lt Dunbar.."Only a white man would build
a fire for all to see" What does this mean?

12. What tribe of Indians do you think attacked
Lt Dunbar's travelling companion to the Post?

13. What was the significance of the wolf?
What value was the wolf to Dunbar?

14. What impact did the US Congress Indian
Removal Act have on several Indian tribes in
the US?

15. Before Lt Dunbar went to see the Indian
tribe for the first time, Lt Dunbar stated" A
target does not make a good impression..
What do you think he meant?

16. The third time Lt Dunbar meets with the
Indians in the village, he is carrying Stands
with a Fist.Again was Dunbar a hero or a fool?
He said to the tibe "She's hurt"...The Indians
could have easily heard Dunbar say "I just
purposefully hurt this woman"

17. Communication was difficult at first
between the Indians and Dunbar...language barrier
broken with the word "buffalo"-meaning "ta ta tanka."
How would you describe a car battery to someone who
does not understand your language?

18. Dunbar makes friends with the Indians and then
offers them coffee and sugar.  Food can be used for
sustenance, security, celebration/thanksgiving,
friendship, and diplomacy. Do you agree?

19. Do you see any relationship between Christine/
Stands with a Fist and Eunice from the book
Unredeemed Captive?

20. Look at the Indian names
Stands with a Fist
Wind in His Hair
Kicking Bird
Ten Bears
Black Shawl
Stone Calf
Smiles a Lot
Pretty Shield

What is the significance of the names?
What might you have been called?

21. What is the signicance of the
slaughtering of the buffaloes by the white men?

22. After the scene when the buffalo were
slaughtered by the whitemen, Dunbar said
"there is confusion among people when they
are not able to predict the future." What do
you think he meant? Is there any application to
the people of Iraq orformer communist East

23. Dunbar finally was sleeping in the Indian village.
What was the significance?

24. At one point in the movie, Lt Dunbar said:
"Everyday here is like a new miracle." Do we ever
say that about our life experiences? Why yes  or no?